2020-2021 Officers

Marco Pizana Worshipful Master

Shawn Moore Senior Warden

Kyle Cook Junior Warden

William Wilkin Treasurer

Clint Williams Secretary

Steven Cook Chaplain

Ricky Hayes Jr. Past-Master

Emilio Martinez Senior Deacon

Jeff Spencer Junior Deacon

Curtis Taylor Senior Steward

James Ray Junior Steward

Ricky Hayes Marshal

Michael Guajardo Master of Ceremonies

Robby Anthem Tiler

Sean Clase Historian
Allen Deaver                            Musician

2019-2020 Officers

Worshipful Master – Ricky Hayes
Senior Warden – Marco Pizaña
Junior Warden – Shawn Moore
Treasurer – Will Wilkin
Secretary – Eric L. Kolb
Senior Deacon – Kyle Cook
Junior Deacon – Emilio Martinez
Senior Steward – Clint William
Junior Steward –
Chaplain – Bobby Norris
Tyler – Russell Jones
Masters of Ceremony – Sean Claes
Marshall – Benny Courtney
Musician – Allen Deaver

2018-2019 Officers

Senior Warden
Ricky Hayes

Junior Warden
Marco Pizana

Will Wilkin

Eric Kolb

Senior Deacon Shawn Moore

Junior Deacon Anthony Wright

Senior Steward Steven Cook

Junior Steward Kyle Cook


Tyler Emilio Martinez

Chaplain – Bobby Norris

Masters of Ceremony – Ben Hogue

Marshall – Chuck Jones

Musician – Allen Deaver

Communication Officer Sean Claes

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